This release of Xamarin.Essentials focuses on critical bug fixes and introduces enhancements to the Web Authenticator API.

Xamarin.Essentials now is built against Android 10.0 SDK and now pins Xamarin.AndroidX.Browser to [,1.4) to align with Xamarin.Forms.

Breaking Changes

  • There are no API breaks in the update
  • On Android the library has aligned with Xamarin.Forms and the Xamarin Community Toolkit to pinning specific versions of AndroidX dependnecies and compiling only against Android 10.0. This means you must compile your application against Android 10.0, which has been a Google Play requirement since August 3, 2020.

Sunsetting Xamarin.Essentials

Earlier this year its been announced that Microsoft will be following the same schedule as Xamarin.Forms. This means that they will continue to service Xamarin.Essentials through November 2022 and accept pull requests fixing bugs and publishing new service releases. New features and APIs will only be added to .NET MAUI Essentials going forward and pull-requests are welcome!

Issues Fixed

  • GH-1656 Fix Android Storage Read to ensure granted and ot request on Media Pick
  • GH-1586 Fix potential crash on Android WebAuthenticator when null
  • GH-1572 Improve UIColor conversions on iOS
  • GH-1829 Fix for iOS < 10.3 for max frame rates crash
  • GH-1733 No longer need to check mic permission when picking photo
  • GH-1754 Fix java dispose issue on Android get display info
  • GH-1661 Fix for Android crash on Phone Dialer with certain values passed in
  • GH-1757 Fix on iOS swipe down crash



Update Xamarin.Essentials nuget package to 1.7 version.

QA engineer:

Business as usual.


Business as usual.


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