During Today’s Google for Games Developer Summit Google announced a lot of new tools and statistics related to mobile games development.

Currently, the Android ecosystem is more than 3B monthly active devices with 2.5B monthly active users on Google Play worldwide and gaming is an important part of it.

During the conference, they announced Android Game Development Kit (AGDK) which provided a full range of tools and libraries to help you develop, optimize, launch, and iterate on high-quality Android games. It’s including:
– Android Performance Tuner with new support for recording loading times
– Android GPU Inspector with trace for a single frame to debug and profile each draw call
– C++ libraries to reduce JNI calls like Game Activity, Text input
and many others.

Android 12 introduces Game Dashboard with options to make a screen capture and recording, FPS info, and Do Not Disturb. The next feature of new OS is Game Mode which allows users to select better performance or battery optimization to increase playtime.

During the conference, Google also mentioned the benefits of app bundles like Play Assets Delivery and other size optimizations which allows reducing the size of GWENT game by 90%. The new beta feature of Android 12 and Google Play called “Play as you download” will allow users to start the gaming even when the whole app is not fully downloaded. App bundles optimization downloads the most crucial assets first to allow the game to run and will continue download the game in the background.



Review the new tools

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Review the new tools


Review the new tools

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