Google have released the first stable build of Jetpack Compose 1.0, the new Kotlin-based, declarative UI framework for Android. Jetpack Compose was announced over two years ago at I/O 2019. This is a new framework for creating user interfaces for Android apps, codeveloped by Google and JetBrains.

Jetpack Compose is now officially getting its 1.0 release today. While Google generally considers “beta” offerings as ready for production. Google is sharing that there are over 2,000 apps in the Play Store that are built at least in part with Compose, including the Play Store itself. This new way of developing UI, which will speedup development for us.

NOTE: Compose 1.0 uses Kotlin 1.5.10, the version 1.5.21 will be supported by next release Compose 1.0.1

Based on roadmap new Material You components and support for Wear OS are coming soon.



Try new Declarative UI with Compose

QA engineer:

Try test new Declarative UI with Compose


Consider Declarative UI with Compose to speedup development for new projects


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