Apple is removing some of intents used to add Siri support to the application in iOS 15. Apple states that these Intents had very low adoption.

When iOS 15 is released if user asks Siri to perform such action Siri will respond that this is not possible. Also, when building on iOS 15 SDK usage of these intents will trigger compilation warning.

Here is a list of intents getting removed:

Lists and Notes
Ride Booking

Note: While Siri functionality will be removed from the following intents, Maps functionality will continue to be supported.

Visual Codes
VoIP Calling

Apple Developer: Deprecated SiriKit Intent Domains

Reference: Some Siri commands for third-party apps will stop working with iOS 15



Consider Shortcuts integrations for removed intents.

QA engineer:

Business us usual.


Consider adjusting task backlog to accommodate changes.

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