Apple added ability to add tax categories to transactions for several territories where App Store administers tax of behalf of developers.

The App Store makes it easy for you to manage transactions in 175 territories, and Apple administers tax on behalf of developers in 64 of those territories. Now App Store Connect provides the ability to assign tax categories to your apps and in-app purchases. These categories are based on your app’s content (for example, videos, books, or news publications) and determine which tax regulations apply in each territory, allowing Apple to administer tax for you at specific rates.

Apple Developer: Tax Category Setting Now Available in App Store Connect, Learn more about setting tax categories

Reference: App Store Connect gets new ‘Tax Category’ to assign taxes for different content and regions, Developers can now set tax categories in App Store Connect



Business as usual.

QA engineer:

Business as usual.


Communicate tax categories availability to stakeholders.

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