Beta 4 takes us to Platform Stability, which means that Android 12’s APIs and all app-facing behaviors are finalized. From Beta 4, you can confidently release your compatibility updates knowing that the platform won’t change, so it is good time to test your app on this new version of system.

Changes in Beta 4:

Platform Stability is the most important change here but not the only one. Google has put a lot of work into making user multitasking easier and allows us to share content from Recents, and Android 12 Beta 4 adds finally image support to this feature.

Most important changes in Android 12:

  • Privacy dashboard – A new dashboard in Settings lets users see which apps are accessing which type of data and when.  More here.
  • Microphone & camera indicators – An indicator in the status bar when an app is using the camera or microphone. More here.
  • Microphone & camera toggles – New toggles in Quick Settings let users instantly disable microphone and camera access for all apps. More here.
  • Clipboard read notification – A toast alerts users when an app reads data from the clipboard unexpectedly. More here.
  • App splash screens – Android 12 launches apps with a new splash screen animation. More here.
  • Keygen changes – Several deprecated BouncyCastle cryptographic algorithms are removed in favor of Conscrypt versions. If your app uses a 512-bit key with AES, you’ll need to use one of the standard sizes supported by Conscrypt. More here.

For complete details on Android 12 Beta, visit the Android 12 developer site.



Test your apps on Android 12 Beta 4

QA engineer:

Test your apps on Android 12 Beta 4


Test your apps on Android 12 Beta 4

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