.NET MAUI Preview 7 been released. Now with Visual Studio 2022 support. The major change is new layouts been developed as MAUI native. Release candidate will be available in September with final release in November.

Changes highlights:

  • New layouts for .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI).
  • Font scaling options
  • Support for Effects added, which will support projects upgrading from Xamarin.Forms. #1574.
  • AppThemeBinding improvements for supporting dark and light theme modes #1657
  • ScrollView handler #1669
  • Android Shell ported to core #979
  • Shell navigation passing complex objects #204
  • Visual Tree Helper added for XAML Hot Reload #1845
  • Switch to System.ComponentModel.TypeConverter #1725
  • Window lifecycle events #1754
  • Page navigation events #1812
  • CSS prefix updated to -maui #1877



Need to update to Preview 7 and play a little with new changes that been introduced.

QA engineer:

Business as usual.


Start talking to stakeholders discussing new opportunities and build migration plans if your project been built on Xamarin.Forms


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