David Ortinau on Xamarin Community Standup stream showed startup comparison numbers for Xamarin.Android and .NET MAUI projects.

TestJIT timeAOT timeΔ timeJIT apk sizeAOT apk sizeΔ size

He mentioned that .NET MAUI team still has a lot of thing to improve in the coming days and these numbers should be a little bit better.

All tests:

 1. Were running on a [Google Pixel 5][2], and
 2. Enabled two architectures, arm64 and x86, and
 3. **JIT time** was average of 10 runs with `-c Release`, with the
    `Activity: Displayed` time, and
 4. **AOT time** was average of 10 runs with
    `-c Release -p:RunAOTCompilation=true` with the
    `Activity: Displayed` time.
 5. Δ values are (AOT / JIT)*100.



Study benchmark results, consider switching to MAUI.

QA engineer:

Business as usual.


Business as usual.


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