Apple provided explanation for ‘jelly scrolling’ effect which was noticed by some iPad mini users.

In response to our inquiry, Apple has told us that the “jelly scroll” issue on the 6th-generation iPad mini is normal behavior for LCD screens. Because these screens do refresh line by line, there is a tiny delay between when the lines at the top of the screen and lines at the bottom are refreshed. This can cause uneven scrolling issues like the ones observed on the iPad.

Ars Technica

Later iFixit provided more technical details on cause of ‘jelly scrolling’. iPad mini has horizontal screen refresh when held in portrait orientation while previous iPads had vertical refresh.

Ars Technica: Newest iPad mini has a subtle scrolling problem [Updated]

Reference: Apple Says ‘Jelly Scrolling’ on iPad Mini 6 is Normal Behavior for LCD Screens, iFixit Explains iPad Mini ‘Jelly Scroll’ Issue in Teardown Video



Expect no fixes for ‘jelly scrolling’.

QA engineer:

Expect no fixes for ‘jelly scrolling’.


Expect no fixes for ‘jelly scrolling’.

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