Google announced the “Private Compute Core” at I/O in May as an effective rebrand of “Device Personalization Services,” which is also now called “Android System Intelligence.”

The Private Compute Core is where features like Live Caption, Now Playing, and Smart Reply operate in a network-isolated manner from the rest of Android and apps.

Google released an update to Private Compute Services and it is the first which supports Android 12 with a description:

Android prevents any feature inside the Private Compute Core from having direct access to the network; but machine learning features often improve by updating models. Private Compute Services helps features get these updates over a private path. Features communicate over open-source APIs to Private Compute Services, which removes identifying information and uses a set of privacy technologies, including Federated Learning, Federated Analytics, and Private information retrieval, to preserve privacy.

Google plans to publish the source code for Private Compute Services to allow for external audits.



Update Private Compute Core app

QA engineer:

Update Private Compute Core app


Update Private Compute Core app

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