Microsoft announced .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) Preview 9 release.

Much of the work in this preview is focused on completing and stabilizing the 50+ controls and layouts, but the major updates were done to support for borders, corners, and shadows across most all controls and layouts. Also it should be mentioned that Microsoft made a lot to improve Android apps start instantly.

Quick Android Startup. Benchmark numbers from Pixel 5 device tests:

[Android App][1][.NET MAUI App][2]
JIT startup time (s)00:00.438700:01.4205
AOT startup time (vs. JIT)00:00.3317 ( 76%)00:00.7285 ( 51%)
Profiled AOT startup time (vs. JIT)00:00.3093 ( 71%)00:00.7098 ( 50%)
JIT .apk size (B)9,155,95417,435,225
AOT .apk size (vs. JIT)12,755,672 (139%)44,751,651 (257%)
Profiled AOT .apk size (vs. JIT)9,777,880 (107%)23,210,787 (133%)



Update .NET MAUI to preview 9 and take a look at all new UI controls

QA engineer:

Business as usual.


Business as usual.


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