As usual we have some interesting reads for you for coming weekend 🙂

Exception handling in Kotlin Coroutines

Marcin Moskała (GDE) wrote an article to help us understand how exceptions propagate from child to parent in basic builders, and how they can be stopped. This article is at the same time part of his new book about Kotlin Coroutines.

Improved Google Play Console user management

A lot of Android developers hit a problem with what access level is needed from Play Console perspective to support our customers. This article covers a new decluttered interface and new team management features.

The MAD Skills series on Hilt, finished with a live Q&A

Measure, measure, measure – A journey about how to measure build times for Android

Ralf Wondratschek shares a journey about how to measure build times for Android

Speed up your build: Non-transitive R files

Post by Paul Blundell is strongly connected with this above as he explains how to implement and build your app with non-transitive R files to make it incrementally faster and your AAB/APK’s smaller.

Have a nice weekend!

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