Apple recently confirmed that it buys ads for third-party apps and also communicates this practice to developers.

Initially, there were allegations that Apple is doing so in a “secret manner”, however, Apple responded to allegations claiming that company keeps these ads for multiple years and communicates it to developers.

Apple says that the allegation that it is “secretly” or “quietly” purchasing ads for developers without their knowledge or consent is an overt mischaracterization. On the contrary, the company says that it regularly engages in conversation with developers about the ads it places and many developers express their appreciation for this support.


Reference: Apple Defends Its Ads for Third-Party Apps, Says It Regularly Communicates With Developers and Has Been Running Them for Five Years, Apple Buys Google Ads for Subscription Apps



Business as usual.

QA engineer:

Business as usual.


Contact Apple Developer Support if affected by these ads.

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