iOS/iPadOS 15.2, macOS 12.1, watchOS 8.3, tvOS 15.2 beta 3 are released. This time they are accompanied by Xcode 13.2 beta 2.

Xcode 13.2 has couple of interesting features to try:

  • The build system and Swift compiler have a new mode that better utilizes available cores, resulting in faster builds for Swift projects. The mode is opt-in, and you can enable globally with the following user default:
    defaults write EnableSwiftBuildSystemIntegration 1
  • You can now use Swift Concurrency in applications that deploy to macOS 10.15, iOS 13, tvOS 13, and watchOS 6 or newer. This support includes async/await, actors, global actors, structured concurrency, and the task APIs.
  • Xcode 13.2 includes support for app projects created with Swift Playgrounds 4. 

Beta download: Beta Software Downloads

Release notes: iOS & iPadOS 15.2 Beta 3 Release Notes, watchOS 8.3 Beta 3 Release Notes, tvOS 15.2 Beta 3 Release Notes, Xcode 13.2 Beta 2 Release Notes

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