As usual, we have some interesting reads for you for this weekend 🙂

How we reduced our Gradle build times by over 80%

Anyone who has worked on a larger project realizes how burdensome it can be to build an application in such an environment. It is worth making every effort to optimize the operation of Gradle.

The state of managing state (with Compose)

Jake Wharton describes an interesting way to manage state in Compose.

Jetpack Compose Phases

Like most other UI toolkits, Compose renders a frame through several distinct phases. This part of the documentation is some kind of must-have for us.

A case against the MVI architecture pattern

Storm starts in 3, 2, 1… The author of this post shows the dark side of this approach. I encourage you to check his opinion

Kotlin 1.6.0 was released

I strongly recommend you review the changes introduced by it.

Materials from conferences:

Android Dev Summit 2021

Droidcon Berlin

That’s all for today, now it is time to start the weekend!

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