As usual, we have some interesting reads for you for this weekend 🙂

Kotlin compatibility QuickSheet

Usually, we have a hard time choosing what apiVersion, kotlin stdlib version to use. This post is an attempt to list common scenarios to help build a better mental model of what’s happening under the hood. It also helps us to set up a project for Kotlin 1.6 about which we have reading last week.

Making cold Flows lifecycle-aware

Good article for anyone who is migrating from LiveData to Flow.

Improving App Startup: Lessons from the Facebook App

This, strongly recommended, article captures some key measures of startup and best practices to improve startup experience that helps drive user engagement and adoption

AndroidDevSummit for busy devs:

AndroidDevSummit ‘21: 3 things to know for Modern Android Development

Android Developer Summit: 3 things to know for Large Screens on Android!

That’s all for today, now it is time to start the weekend!

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