As usual, we have some interesting reads for you for the coming weekend 🙂

Cheat sheet for Jetpack Compose

All the most important things from Jetpack Compose collected in one place, along with a short description and an example of use. An ideal place for people who are just starting their adventure with a declarative way of creating a view.

How to correctly measure the App Startup time on Android

The first seconds of the user experience with our application have a great impact on whether user will stay with us for longer. However, before you start optimising the app launch process, it’s a good idea to measure how long it actually takes. For a way to monitor this indicator, see this article.

Jetpack Compose vs SwiftUI

Mohit Sarveiya discusses the similarities and differences between Jetpack Compose and SwiftUI.

Android App Excellence – What do 5-star apps and restaurants have in common?

For sure good source of ideas how to get 5-star app

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