Flame is a modular Flutter game engine that provides a complete set of solutions for games. Provides you with a simple implementation of the game cycle and the necessary functions that you may need in the game, like input, images, sprites, animation, collision detection, and a component system, which is called Flame Component System (abbreviated FCS).


  • Add ButtonComponent backed by two PositionComponents
  • Add SpriteButtonComponent backed by two Sprites
  • Allow more flexible construction of EffectControllers and make them able to run back in time
  • Replace old effects system by new one
  • Introduce updateTree to follow the renderTree convention
  • Fix Parallax.load with different loading times
  • Fix render order of components and add tests
  • Fix HitboxCircle when component is flipped
  • Add ColorEffect
  • MoveAlongPathEffect can now be absolute, and can auto-orient the object along the path
  • ScaleEffect.by now applies multiplicatively instead of additively
  • isHud replaced with PositionType
  • Remove web fallback for drawAtlas in SpriteBatch, but added flag useAtlas to activate it


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