Just after publishing important releases, Apple releases first round of betas for next release – iOS/iPadOS 15.4, macOS 12.3, watchOS 8.5 and tvOS 15.4. And this release should be quite big!

This beta finally allows Universal Control to be tested on macOS and iPadOS.


Kernel extensions used by OneDrive and Dropbox are now deprecated in macOS 12.3.

macOS 12.3 introduces new API for screen capturing – ScreenCaptureKit.

iOS now gets Face ID with mask functionality, scanning more face features in eye zone. This option will not work with sunglasses, and requires all typical glasses to be scanned with the mask as well. Face ID with mask is additional to normal Face ID you might set up on your phone. Face ID with mask requires iPhone 12 and newer.

New Face ID with mask authentication does not use Apple Watch and works separately.


iOS and iPadOS 15.4 now allows adding notes to iCloud Keychain passwords. Custom email domains are now supported for iCloud.

iOS now fixes the issues with 120Hz ProMotion display support for third-party apps.

iOS 15.4 will allow adding EU COVID-19 vaccine certificates to Wallet.

tvOS 15.4 will now be able to join Wi-Fi networks with captive portals. iPhone or iPad will be used to enter necessary info. Also, Apple TV app now has “Up Next” widget.

Corresponding HomePod software beta is also released.

Xcode 13.3 beta is also released and introduces couple of interesting Swift features. For example, much waited #unavailable condition. See release notes for more interesting updates in Xcode.

if #unavailable(iOS 15.0) {
// Old functionality
} else {
// iOS 15 functionality

Beta download: Beta Software Downloads

Release notes:




Try new beta for compatibility issues. Try Universal Control, if applicable.

QA engineer:

Try new beta for regressions.


Business as usual.

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