Here is your list of interesting Android related articles:

Make sure to update your StateFlow safely in Kotlin!

Updating data in StateFlow is not difficult, but are we really doing it right? It turns out that in certain configurations we can unknowingly lead to serious problems. Read this article to lear more.

Encapsulating View State

The author shows a way to make data available for observers. This is a universal principle, so been this quite old article can be useful nowadays.

Manual CoroutineScopes: how to avoid GlobalScope

Bevan Steele makes it a bit clearer how to create and manage your own CoroutineScopes and to avoid GlobalScope.

Tiny things on big screens

This article explores how to deal with too much room.

Measuring Render Performance with Jetpack Compose

William Shelor shares some tips for measuring and optimizing Jetpack Compose rendering performance. There is also video about that:

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