Good Math: a geek’s guide to the beauty of numbers, logic, and computation
by Mark C. Chu-Carroll, John Osborn

My score: 7/10

Good Math was an inspiration for me to look at mathematical concepts from a completely different perspective.

It’s easy to forget that mathematics is one of the most important foundations of computer science. It was considerations of a mathematical nature that led people like Alan Turing to lay the foundations of computers, programming languages, the Internet, etc.

The Good Math book is a fantastic compendium of knowledge about mathematics in the context of computer science. It shows its remarkable history and evolution, proving that computer science is not only programming languages and computers but also a full-fledged field of science.

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Storytelling with data: a data visualization guide for business professionals
by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

My score: 7/10

If you have the impression that your reports are not readable enough and do not always reach the recipient… If you are not always sure which type of chart is best for your situation.. If you want to improve the visual appearance of your presentations…
This book is for sure for you.

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The Linux Command Line
by William Shotts

My score: 8/10

It was designed for the new command line user, it covers the same material as but in a much more detailed way. In addition to the basics of command-line use and shell scripting, it includes chapters on many common programs used on the command line, as well as more advanced topics.

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