Android 13 DP2

The second and presumably last Android 13 Developer Preview release was rolled out. Google has highlighted a handful of changes in this release, like the new notification permission, better text wrapping and line heights for some languages, and Bluetooth LE Audio support. 


Kotlin 1.6.20-M1

The new version of Kotlin Release Candidate – 1.6.20. Some compiler, native, and tools bugs were fixed. You can find the full list of changes in the link below.


Performance Library in Alfa

Google developers decide to create a new tool that allows you to verify the hardware capabilities of the device in order to properly adjust the operation of specific functionalities (mainly related to image and video).


Maps Compose 2.0.0

A new version of Maps Compose has been released. Two functionalities have been added: observing marker shift events and showing/hiding the info window. Existing API changed as well: position on Marker removed, please use MarkerPositionState instead.




Review news and check Maps Compose.

QA engineer:

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Review news.

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