It’s Friday, it’s time for a new pack of articles to go over the weekend.

Will Jetpack Compose Take Over XML?

There is an interesting thread on Reddit regarding Jetpack Compose and XML. The author of the question wonders if XML will be superseded by the new UI writing approach. As usual, you can find different opinions in the comments. However, we can state that most people believe that Compose will become more popular in the next months/years, but XML will also still exist.

Stabilize, Modularize, Modernize: Scaling Slack’s Mobile Codebases

The technological debt in mobile apps slowed development enough to affect product plans, and a solution to this problem would require significant code refactoring. In this article, the Authors review the problem and show step by step the process that they apply at Slack.

Compose remember vs remember mutableStateOf

The Author of this article looks at the different ways in which you can use the remember function in Jetpack Compose. You learn what are the differences in behavior between the different approaches and what the consequences of using each of them can be.

Reducing Gradle boilerplate in multi-module Android projects

I can say only one thing this is a must-have to read 👈.

TheAndroidShow: Tablets, Jetpack Compose, and Android 13

in this episode:

  • Behind the scenes for Jetpack Compose
  • Tablets and why large screens are going to be big this year for Android
  • Android 13 & other important themes for Android this year

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