It’s Friday and we are back after a short break with a pack of articles to go over the long (for some of you) weekend.

7 things to keep in mind while building jetpack composable’s

Although the documentation for Jetpack Compose is considered to be very good, we often notice some problems only when using a specific tool. If you’d prefer to learn from someone else’s rather than your own mistakes, then check out this article.

The curious case of crashing Workers

WorkManager is great to schedule background work on Android. However, since scheduled work lives outside of the app lifecycle, you might run into unexpected crashes. Check this article and learn how to prevent this.

Kotlin coroutine dispatchers overview

In this article, Vasiliy describes different types of coroutine dispatchers.

Modeling Retrofit Responses With Sealed Classes and Coroutines

Handling Retrofit responses and exceptions is an essential part of modern Android app architecture. This article covers modeling responses with sealed classes and coroutines in a multi-layered architecture.


Flutter Swagger Generator — package to save your time

This article is about Flutter Swagger Generator package which I strongly recommend to try.

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