Apple made an announcement on ability to increase device safety by sacrificing some of the capabilities:

  • Most of attachments in Messages are blocked;
  • Certain Web technologies are disabled (JavaScript JIT compilation, for example);
  • Some of Apple services (such as FaceTime) are blocked unless user explicitly communicated with the initiator previously;
  • Wired connection to computer is disabled when device is locked;
  • MDM and configuration profiles could not be installed.

Lockdown mode will be in active development, new restrictions and safeguards might be added soon.

Lockdown mode will be available for iOS 16, iPadOS 16 and macOS 13 Ventura.

It is expected that this mode will be used by small number of people who are potentially in risk of targeted cyberattacks, however, feature itself will be available to all users within settings later this year. As of now beta 3 is shipped with Lockdown mode settings available.

Apple Newsroom: Apple expands industry-leading commitment to protect users from highly targeted mercenary spyware




Study the limitations, check app compatibility with Lockdown mode, add corresponding workarounds.

QA engineer:

Test apps with Lockdown mode enabled.


Consider adding tasks to improve app usability with Lockdown mode enabled, if needed.

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