Flutter 3.3 has been announced, introducing important updates towards its essential goal: a true cross-platform app development toolkit covering mobile, web, desktops or as authors aim – any device with a display.

Practically Flutter is already great for iOS and Android and so up-and-coming for other platforms. The recent release shows the team addresses some remaining gaps – now on desktop we have got natural text selection, support of trackpad, scribble, performance related fixes and more.

This release also introduces a new rendering engine which is under active development – Impeller which replaces existing Skia-based approach and runtime shader compilation to enable even better UI smoothness and performance.

Nice “one more thing” – we now see a new Flutter reference app: Wonderous which showcases modern technics of Flutter usage on mobile, desktop and web.




Adopt, try Impeller rendering on your existing apps

QA engineer:

Check for regressions based on release notes


Business as usual.

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