Just after iOS 16 release and iPhone 14 availability reports started to surface on issues user found.

Most notable issues:

  • Excessive prompts for clipboard paste operation, Apple promises fix in iOS 16.1;
  • iPhone 14 camera shaking, Apple reports that issue could be resolved by software update;
  • iPhone 14 Pro sometimes freezes after data exchange, Apple investigates the issue;
  • iPhone 14 camera app is deemed slow to respond;
  • CarPlay calls are not functioning correctly for some iPhone 14 users;
  • Spotlight search is slow for some users on iOS 16, also possibly causes excessive battery drain.

Apple also noted that keyboard haptic feature might drain the battery.




If you’re affected by these issues, expect update next week.

QA engineer:

If these issues were found during the testing, add corresponding note to re-check after the update.


Business as usual.

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