The weekend is almost end but I will try to share my recommended reads for you:

Using Version Catalog on Android projects

There are already many ways to define dependencies for a project, and we have new one -Version Catalogs. The solution itself looks very interesting and can be very useful especially for managing libraries between many modules.

Appyx vs Jetpack Compose Navigation

Everyone who used Jetpack Compose in large project will probably admit that using native navigation can be problematic, especially when it comes to transferring data between screens. The Appyx library introduces a new approach to solving this problem.


As wee all know design patterns are typical solutions to common problems in software design. Each pattern is like a blueprint that you can customize to solve a particular design problem in your code. This catalog will help you to refresh knowledge about them.

Here are also some videos to watch this evening:

Is it the time for XML (layouts) to die? Why Compose is great?
answer for that you can find in great discussion:

And some some interesting videos about design patterns in Kotlin:

And some way to play with Factory:

Library of the week:

Appyx – Model-driven navigation for Jetpack Compose

Thats all for today have a nice rest of weekend

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