Cybersecurity experts from SecneurX have recently compiled a long list of Google Play apps infected with dangerous Trojans, including:

  • Color Paint & Draw Master – Harly Trojan
  • Real Photo Editor – Joker Trojan
  • Coloring Painting – Joker Trojan
  • Happy Voice Changer – Harly trojan
  • Emoji Live Wallpaper – Joker trojan
  • Screen Mirroring Cast – Joker Trojan
  • Advanced Cast Screen – Joker Trojan

What can the Joker and Harly Trojans do?

A trend is emerging from the above reports. Most often, mobile applications with Joker and Harly Trojans impersonate relatively simple applications. Some of them are games, others are used for simple entertainment or personalization of the smartphone by changing the wallpaper or screensaver. Screen mirroring and screen casting applications are also popular. Viruses are designed to steal data, e.g. taking over our contacts or reading e-mails, text messages or conversations on messengers. Malware can also enable premium services and charge us a high phone bill.

Source: SecneurX 



Check your Android device and apps

QA engineer:

Check your Android device and apps


Check your Android device and apps

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