WeTransfer released its diagnostics collecting library as open-source project.

This library does not use backend to collect the diagnostics but relies on user’s explicit action to share diagnostic messages with the developer.

Application developers could add their own information to report.

The library allows to easily attach the Diagnostics Report as an attachment to the MFMailComposeViewController.

  •  Integrated with the MFMailComposeViewController
  • Default reporters include:
    • App metadata
    • System metadata
    • System logs divided per session
    • UserDefaults
  •  Possibility to filter out sensitive data using a DiagnosticsReportFilter
  •  A custom DiagnosticsLogger to add your own logs
  •  Smart insights like “⚠️ User is low on storage” and “✅ User is using the latest app version”
  •  Flexible setup to add your own smart insights
  •  Flexible setup to add your own custom diagnostics
  •  Native cross-platform support, e.g. iOS, iPadOS and macOS

GitHub: Diagnostics



Consider using Diagnostics for lightweight, privacy-preserving diagnostics collection.

QA engineer:

Business as usual.


Business as usual.

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