Google I/O 2023 was filled with announcements surrounding hardware, software, and lots of artificial intelligence (AI).

In the hardware department, Google unveiled the Google Pixel Tablet, featuring an 11-inch display, Tensor G2 for performance, and a 12-hour battery life. The tablet doubles as a smart home control panel when docked and is priced at $499. Alongside, Google introduced the Pixel 7a smartphone, a mid-range device with the same Tensor G2 processor, a 90 Hz display, a 64 Mpix camera, and wireless charging support, also priced at $499. The headline hardware reveal was the Google Pixel Fold, a slim, foldable smartphone with a 5.8-inch exterior screen and a 7.6-inch interior display. Running on Tensor G2, it is available for pre-order at $1799.

On the software front, Google revealed next news Android 14, which promises enhanced sharing, improved security, and increased personalization. The Wear OS will receive updates that add native Gmail and Calendar applications, along with an official WhatsApp messenger client.

Google’s commitment to AI was evident throughout the event. PaLM 2, a new language model designed to work seamlessly on mobile devices and generate JavaScript and Python code, was unveiled. It will form the base for over 20 Google products, including the Bard chatbot. Bard is set to allow users to attach images to queries and responses, integrate Google applications, and is set to be available in 180 countries. Google also announced AI tools for Gmail, Google Photos, Google Meet, and a new AI-powered personal notebook named Tailwind.

In addition, Google Maps Immersive View is expanding, showing 3D-recreated environments and additional information for certain cities. Google Labs was launched as a hub for AI experiments, and AI integrations were announced for Google Search and the Google Play Store. New developer tools for creating Android TV apps were also unveiled.



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