China government ban on foreign electronic devices might not affect plans on Apple making iPhone generally available in China.

AppleInsider reports that China government provided comment on device ban.

In a statement obtained by AppleInsider and other venues, the China foreign ministry has officially stated that “products and services of any country are welcome as long as they comply with China’s laws and regulations.”


Also, China Mobile denies allegations that company plans to stop selling iPhones in China.

Morgan Stanley analysts claim that China iPhone ban will have much smaller effect on Apple than other companies anticipate.

“Said differently, while China is critical to Apple’s success, Apple is also critical to the Chinese economy,” continues Morgan Stanley, “and therefore while the potential for a broad decoupling between Apple and China in this multipolar world clearly exists, we don’t believe recent headlines are necessarily foreshadowing this ‘worst case’ scenario.”

Morgan Stanley also notes that it assumes “most Chinese government officials… already own a smartphone from domestic OEMs.” So the banning of iPhones could have even less effect than it might have done.





Business as usual.

QA engineer:

Business as usual.


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