Setapp hopes to establish alternate App Store in EU

Setapp is approaching developers to participate in alternate App Store which it expects it will be able to run following Digital Millennium Act (DMA) approval in EU.

While it is still not clear, if Apple will have to follow DMA rules on opening platform for alternate App Stores, companies are now trying to get developers onboard.

Setapp promises 90% revenue share with developers. Apple pays 85% to developers eligible for App Store Small Business program (developer should make less than $1 million on App Store sales) while also providing access to all world markets.

Setapp: Grow your app with Setapp

Reference: Setapp readies alt app store for iPhone, entices devs with up to 90% revenue share

Paddle announces plan to launch alternative in-app purchase system

Paddle announces plans to introduce alternative in-app purchase systems following Epic Games v Apple court ruling. At the moment, Paddle shows simulation and expects their solution to be approved by Apple. No formal statements from Apple is made yet.

Also, court ruling does not prevent Apple from taking commission on in-app purchases even if they're made through third-party solutions. Official statement and updated guidelines are yet to be published.