Apple introduces peer group benchmarks analytics

Developers now could compare their app performance with similar apps on App Store. App Store Connect is updated to provide these metrics.

Similar apps are determined by category, business model, and number of downloads.

Metrics include conversion rate, retention rate on various durations, crash rate, and app proceedings.

Apple Developer:


Users download less games now

Sensor Tower published a report on mobile gaming.

The U.S. mobile games market has faced significant challenges during the first half of 2022. Overall U.S. mobile game revenue fell by 9.6 percent Y/Y to $11.4 billion, while downloads declined by 2.5 percent to 2.4 billion. Looking at just 2Q22, revenue decreased by 11.4 percent Y/Y to $5.6 billion, though downloads were largely flat at 1.2 billion.

Sensor Tower
Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower: Most Mobile Game Genres See Revenue Declines in the U.S. During H1 2022 as Industry Headwinds Bite

Reference: We’re downloading fewer mobile games as lockdowns end and inflation bites

France recommends to stop using Google Analytics

New EU regulations require personal data storage to be located within Europe. That might make some of the services illegal without infrastructure changes.

Google Analytics is one of the services that might be targeted by these regulations. Mobile apps using this platform might consider looking for replacements.

Reference: France demands firm stop using Google Analytics over US intelligence fears

Weekend good reads for Android developers, issue #20 (04/2022)

Here is your list of interesting Android related articles:

Android Studio Bumblebee (2021.1.1) Stable

A few days ago, a new version of Android Studio was released. If you want to read about all the news and improvements of this software, I refer you to the summary on the official blog and also recommend updating your IDE to test and use all features on your own.

Non-fatal crashes: the crash rate that matters

Bevan Steele makes the case for monitoring the silent crashes in your app.

All about Preferences DataStore

The article presents and discusses examples related to creating a DataStore; saving, reading, updating data; migrating from SharedPreferences; and error handling.

Jetpack Compose Side Effects Made Easy

Understanding the idea of side effects is crucial to building a UI layer effectively with Jetpack Compose. It is for sure not easy but Elye explains it well.

Navigating in Compose: Criteria

Mark Murphy, better known as CommonsWare, wrote a blog post about principles he considers to navigating in Compose.

Library of the week:

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App Store Connect now provides analytics for in-app events

App owners now could use App Store Connect analytics to get stats on in-app events performance.

App Analytics in App Store Connect helps you see how people discover and engage with your apps. You can now view information about your in-app events, including event page views, reminder and notification data, and the number of downloads and redownloads that were driven by your in-app events. Each metric can be viewed by territory, source type, device, and more, so you can understand how your in-app events are influencing your apps’ growth and success.

Apple Developer

Apple Developer: Analytics now available for in-app events