App Store Connect introduces tax updates

Apple announces tax changes and new attributes for apps, books, videos.

Developer proceedings will be increased in Austria, Cyprus and Vietnam for some app categories.

New tax categories are added for in-app purchases and subscriptions, books and videos.

Apple Developer: Tax updates for apps, in-app purchases, and subscriptions

Apple updates TestFlight backend and end user apps

Apple makes some changes to TestFlight service improving test team management. New interfaces will allow to quickly navigate through testers and check their engagement.

Client apps update to target inability to accept invitation codes.

Specifically, an issue preventing users from accepting an invitation to test a beta app via redemption code was resolved. Testers on iOS 17.1, iPadOS 17.1, or later will need to use this latest version of TestFlight in order to accept an invitation via redemption code.

Apple Developer

Apple Developer:

Apple adds capability to allow app pre-orders by specific regions

Apple now allows to pick specific regions to support pre-orders for apps and games. Release dates now could be set separately as well.

Offering your app or game for pre-order is a great way to build awareness and excitement for your upcoming releases on the App Store. And now you can offer pre-orders on a regional basis. People can pre-order your app in a set of regions that you choose, even while it’s available for download in other regions at the same time. With this new flexibility, you can expand your app to new regions by offering it for pre-order and set different release dates for each region.

Apple Developer

Apple Developer: Pre-orders by region now available

Xcode 15 Release Candidate now could be used to submit iOS 17 apps

Apple starts accepting App Store application for iOS/iPadOS 17, watchOS 10 and tvOS 17. Apps should be built with Xcode 15 Release Candidate.

Xcode 15 release is expected on September 18 together with OS releases.

Starting in April 2024, apps submitted to the App Store must be built with Xcode 15 and the iOS 17 SDK, tvOS 17 SDK, or watchOS 10 SDK (or later).

Apple Developer

Apple Developer: App Store submissions now open for the latest OS releases

App Store complies with China business details requirements

New China law requires mobile application developers to file business details in order to distribute apps in China application stores.

Android applications stores started implementing required changes. Apple App Store apparently already supports all the requirements.


Apple announces availability of Vision Pro App Store

Apple announces that App Store for Vision Pro will be available for developers this fall. It will include dedicated visionOS apps as well as compatible iOS and iPadOS applications.

Developers and publishes might need to check UIRequireDeviceCapabilities and verify app availability in App Store Connect.

By default, your iPad and/or iPhone apps will be published automatically on the App Store on Apple Vision Pro. Most frameworks available in iPadOS and iOS are also included in visionOS, which means nearly all iPad and iPhone apps can run on visionOS, unmodified. Customers will be able to use your apps on visionOS early next year when Apple Vision Pro becomes available.

Apple Developer

Apple Developer: Take your iPad and iPhone apps even further on Apple Vision Pro


Apple announces new ‘Meet with App Store experts’ online sessions

Apple announces sessions for August, 2023 focused on App Store. Live presentations with Q&A are being held in multiple time zones and languages.

  • Explore App Store pricing upgrades, including enhanced global pricing, tools to manage pricing by storefront, and additional price points.
  • Find out how to measure user acquisition with App Analytics and grow your subscription business using App Store features.
  • Discover how product page optimization lets you test different elements of your product page to find out which resonate with people most.
  • Understand how custom product pages let you create additional product page versions to highlight specific features or content.
  • Learn how to boost discovery and engagement with Game Center and how to configure in-app events.
Apple Developer

Apple Developer: Meet with App Store experts

Schedule: View schedule

Price and tax changes are announced for App Store in several countries

Apple announces price and tax changes for some countries in App Store.

On July 25, pricing for apps and in‑app purchases (excluding auto‑renewable subscriptions) will be updated for the Egypt, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Türkiye storefronts. These updates also consider the following tax changes:

  • Egypt: introduction of a value‑added tax (VAT) of 14%
  • Tanzania: introduction of a VAT of 18% and a digital service tax of 2%
  • Türkiye: increase of the VAT rate from 18% to 20%

This might affect prices on different storefronts depending on which storefront is selected as base.

Apple explains this:

  • If you’ve selected Egypt, Nigeria, Tanzania, or Türkiye as the base storefront for your app or in‑app purchase (excluding auto‑renewable subscriptions), the price won’t change on that storefront. Prices on other storefronts will be updated to maintain equalization with your chosen base price.
  • If the base storefront for your app or in‑app purchase (excluding auto‑renewable subscriptions) isn’t Egypt, Nigeria, Tanzania, or Türkiye, prices will increase on the Egypt, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Türkiye storefronts.
  • If your in‑app purchase is an auto‑renewable subscription or if you manually manage prices on storefronts instead of using the automated equalized prices, your prices won’t change.

Apple Developer: Upcoming price and tax changes for apps, in-app purchases, and subscriptions