Weekend good reads for Android developers, issue #31 (15/2022)

It’s Friday, it’s time for a new pack of articles to go over the long (for some of you) weekend.

Composable metrics

Jetpack Compose 1.2 introduces a lot of new features. One of them is the ability to analyze created Composables in terms of various metrics and measurements of their performance. Please review the article to check the details.

Migrating Architecture Blueprints to Jetpack Compose

Probably each of us knows the Android Blueprints projects and in this article, Manuel Vivo presents how they migrate them to Jetpack Compose.

Android — 9 Useful Kotlin Flow Operators You Need to Know

Operators are key elements of any reactive framework, including Kotlin Flow. They enable various operations to be performed on the data stream elements. In this article, you will find 9 of them which are the most useful during daily basis work.

Resilient use cases with kotlin.Result, coroutines and annotations

When creating software, it is extremely important to consider cases where something may go wrong this article shows you how to implement fault-tolerant UseCase classes.

Android App Excellence Summit

In this article, you can find a summary of App Excellence Summit 2022.

Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #22

It's Friday, it's time for new pack of articles to go over the weekend.

And that is it for today. Have a nice weekend!

Weekend good reads for Android developers, issue #21 (05/2022)

Every Composable deserves a ViewModel

The ability to reuse your own UI components is a big power of Jetpack Compose. However, how to connect a specific view element with domain logic that is responsible for controlling its state? The author of this post comes up with a solution to this problem.

How to Securely Implement TLS Certificate Checking in Android Apps

Developers often modify HTTPS connection configurations in Android apps to support use cases like certificate pinning, but custom implementations often lead to security issues that can be exploited by malicious actors. Learn how to securely implement TLS certificate checking to avoid these risks.

Everything you need to know about Remote Config’s latest personalization feature

Jon Mensing takes a close look at Remote Config personalization, how it differs from A/B testing. Consider it for your app and business.

Your Deep Links Might Be Broken: Web Intents and Android 12

The author takes a look at changes that started in Android 12 that alter how generic web intents resolve.

Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #18

Good reads for Apple developers is back! This would be a long weekend – we have some much to catch up with.

Have a nice weekend!