Weekend good reads for Android developers, issue #15 (51/2021)

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Holiday Book Recommendations for Engineering Managers, Software Engineers and Product Managers

Gergely Orosz lists 95 book recommendations, perfect as reading or gifts during the end-of-year break for those working in tech. Hint: you can still buy an ebook as a gift ;)

How to create a composable password with Jetpack Compose

The author shows you how you can create a password text field and password confirmation with Jetpack Compose.

Android Biometric API primer

Bevan Steele shares the steps to authenticate the user using the AndroidX Biometric Library.

What Spotify Wrapped Can Teach About Successful Marketing Strategies

According to Cecilia, there is a lot of important factors, so recommended you to read this article and then check your database and try to find, for example:

  • Who was the most active user?
  • Who has spent the most with you?
  • Who replied to e-mails most often?
  • Who asked the most questions?

Happy Holidays Folks! and see you next week ⛷