Some issues are reported for macOS updates

Users report issues with recent macOS updates, including update for macOS 11.7.3.

Bug in macOS Ventura affects network connectivity between Apple platforms and Windows. These configurations were working previously and now SMB connections are failing.

Bug in macOS 11.7.3 Safari breaks site favorite icons.


Apple pulled out new Home architecture upgrade option in iOS 16.2

Apple now no longer offers users to upgrade Home architecture in iOS 16.2. This follows several reports claiming that home is stuck in upgrading state and couple of other issues including inability to invite residents and some accessory problems.

Existing users who already upgraded the architecture do not have an option to downgrade.

Reference: Apple Pulls iOS 16.2 Option to Upgrade to New Home Architecture

tvOS 16.1 incorrectly identifies Apple TV with 128GB storage as 64GB model

It is reported that latest tvOS 16.1 update that prevents Apple TV 4K 128GB from using more than 64GB of storage. As soon as 64GB of storage is used, tvOS prevents users from installing new applications from App Store.

It is also reported that latest beta does not fix the issue as well.

Reference: tvOS 16.1 Bug Wrongly Identifies New 128GB Apple TVs as 64GB Models

iOS 15.7.1 Release Candidate might break Face ID on some devices

During recent RC publication Apple also published iOS 15.7.1 RC keeping updating older iOS major release with bug fixes.

It turns out that this RC might break Face ID for some users. Affected devices include iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro. User might see "Face ID Is Not Available" error message.

Reference: iOS 15.7.1 Release Candidate Breaking Face ID for Some iPhone Users

iOS 16 breaks AirPlay to older Apple TV

DRM protected content failed to be streamed to second and third generation Apple TV – issue is introduced in iOS 16. iOS 15.7 still could stream to those devices.

There is no indication, if this would be fixed in upcoming releases.


[UPDATED] RCE 0-day exploit found in log4j

Log4j is a popular Java logging package used by many backends.

Details of the vulnerability are available here, and according to reports, also libraries or solutions using Apache log4j (we are talking about Steam, iCloud or Minecraft servers) are also vulnerable. Solutions using the Struts library are also probably vulnerable.

Affected log4j versions: 2.0 <= Apache log4j <= 2.14.1

Pixel/Android has a bug that preventes from calling 911

Last week, a user reported via Reddit that his Pixel 3 was not able to dial 911. Google has confirmed that there is an emergency calling bug with Android under a “limited set of circumstances”. Specifically, users might have an issue calling emergency services if they have Microsoft Teams installed, but are not logged in to the app.