Spotify releases XCRemoteCache to public

Spotify engineering team open sources XCRemoteCache project. Project aims to speed up cold builds. Spotify's measurements show up to 70% decrease in build time.

We are excited to be open sourcing XCRemoteCache, the library we created to mitigate long local builds. As the name suggests, this library is a remote caching implementation for iOS projects with an aim to reuse Xcode target artifacts generated on Continuous Integration (CI) machines. It supports Objective-C, Swift, and ObjC+Swift targets and can be easily integrated with existing Xcode projects, including ones managed by CocoaPods or Carthage.
Best of all, XCRemoteCache resulted in a 70% decrease in clean build times (we classify a build as clean when at least 50% of all targets compile at least one file).

Spotify R&D