Apple adopts Chinese rules for App Store

Apple seems to finally adopted Chinese rules for App Store. Now proof of a Chinese government license is required to be listed on Chinese App Store. License could be acquired by having legal entity in China or by partnering with Chinese publishing company.

This regulation might affect app availability in China.


Apple seems yet still to comply with Chinese App Store regulations

According to Reuters Apple is not yet listed as company which complies with new regulations on mobile app stores. Notably, Samsung is already on the list.

It is not yet known, if developers will need to provide additional information to Apple.

No comments from Apple were available at the time of writing.

Reuters: China lists mobile app stores that comply with new rule, but Apple missing

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New iPhone models still coming to China despite government ban

China government ban on foreign electronic devices might not affect plans on Apple making iPhone generally available in China.

AppleInsider reports that China government provided comment on device ban.

In a statement obtained by AppleInsider and other venues, the China foreign ministry has officially stated that "products and services of any country are welcome as long as they comply with China's laws and regulations."


Also, China Mobile denies allegations that company plans to stop selling iPhones in China.

Morgan Stanley analysts claim that China iPhone ban will have much smaller effect on Apple than other companies anticipate.

"Said differently, while China is critical to Apple's success, Apple is also critical to the Chinese economy," continues Morgan Stanley, "and therefore while the potential for a broad decoupling between Apple and China in this multipolar world clearly exists, we don't believe recent headlines are necessarily foreshadowing this 'worst case' scenario."

Morgan Stanley also notes that it assumes "most Chinese government officials... already own a smartphone from domestic OEMs." So the banning of iPhones could have even less effect than it might have done.



China bans iPhones for government use

iPhone and other foreign technology devices are now banned for use by Chinese government employees. As of now it is not known if this ban is actually enforced, but there are reports that employees are recommended to switch to local smartphone brands.

More agencies and state affiliated companies are expected to have similar bans soon.

There are varying reports on how much this ban might affect iPhone sales in China. Analysts predict sales drop from 500k (which has almost no impact) to 20M units.

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App Store complies with China business details requirements

New China law requires mobile application developers to file business details in order to distribute apps in China application stores.

Android applications stores started implementing required changes. Apple App Store apparently already supports all the requirements.


China is expected to require mobile developers obtaining government license

Speculations arise that China government will require application developers (publishers, to be more specific) to establish local business organization in China or partner with local publishing agency.

This might significantly impact indie developers and small businesses targeting China market from outside.

Apple might find a way to present itself as single publisher allowing developers to avoid this registration process. No comments are available so far on this topic.

Reference: China to Require Apps to Register With Government

iPad shipments more than doubled in China in Q1

AppleInsider refers to Canalys' report claiming that iPad shipments are more than doubled year over year in 2023 Q1.

A report from Canalys seen by AppleInsider shows that shipments of the iPad more than doubled YoY in China for Q1 2023. The tablet market was particularly strong for the quarter, with 38% growth in total.
The report says Apple's market share also jumped by about 13% to 38.4% YoY.


Reference: iPad shipments more than doubled in China for Q1 versus 2022