macOS 12.3 might affect cloud affect file storage services

Dropbox and OneDrive might experience changes in how they interact with cloud-only files.

According to their reporting macOS 12.3 will not support old deprecated API which allowed accessing cloud-only files by said apps, therefore, these files will not be available for users.


Amazon announces Developer Preview of AWS SDK for Swift

Amazon announces Developer Preview availability for AWS SDK for Swift. This enables creation of serverless apps built on top of AWS infrastructure.

The AWS SDK for Swift enables developers to build a wide variety of applications in the Swift language with AWS services. In this release, we provide support for 268 services including S3, DynamoDB, and Lambda to name a few. Constructing clients and requests and invoking calls to AWS can be done with async/await syntax using Swift 5.5+

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AWS News: AWS SDK for Swift (Developer Preview)

GitHub: awslabs / aws-sdk-swift