Developers now can transfer apps that use iCloud

Apple prevented transfer of the applications between developers if the application used iCloud containers or key-value storage. Well, not anymore.

Now Apple allows this kind of application transfer. This provides an opportunities to indie developers to sell their apps to other developers even if they were using iCloud.

Apple Developer: App Store Connect Update

App Store Connect Help: App transfer overview

Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #27

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Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #26

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Apple reports that iCloud bug causing sync issues is fixed

Apple seems to be responding to developers' reports regarding issues with iCloud.

However, it is still important to monitor system status for current outstanding iCloud issues.

Apple Support: System Status


Developers report continuing issues with iCloud services

For last several months there were increased number of developers reporting issues with iCloud sync APIs.

Mostly, this results in significant number of 503 errors accessing iCloud APIs.

Some developers who created in-app status panels for iCloud status, see issues.

Apple did not yet come back with resolutions or recommendations.

As of January 26 Apple's System Status shows some issues as resolved.