Composable Architecture 1.0 is published

Point-Free Pointers finally releases Composable Architecture 1.0.

TCA 0.57.0 is also released to help with migration – it deprecates all components removed in 1.0 to allow simple migration.

Documentation is updated accordingly.

GitHub: swift-composable-architecture

The Composable Architecture Tutorials: Meet the Composable Architecture

Point-Free Pointers: Composable Architecture 1.0

Weekend good reads for Apple developers #2023/22

Okay, I get it, it's weekend before the show. But why would you drop your routine? Let's go through some great technical and one fun article.

And, as promised, fun one – refresh your Apple history knowledge with WWDC 2023: The Pregame Quiz by Jordan Morgan.

Get ready for WWDC23 – next week will be definitely packed with new stuff we'll be learning the whole summer!

Weekend good reads for Apple developers #2023/8

It's winter here in Bay Area today (it even snows somewhere here), so let's grab some warm beverage and get going.

Let's finish with interesting video on design process by David Smith.
Design process by David Smith

And that is it for today. See you next week!

Point-Free Pointers announcing preview for Composable Architecture 1.0

Point-Free Pointers started working Composable Architecture (opinionated approach on SwiftUI application development) quite a long time ago. And now they're preparing the first release of the architecture.

Library is free to use and distributed under MIT license.

GitHub: swift-composable-architecture (discussion)

Reference: Composable Architecture 1.0 Preview

Weekend good reads for Apple developers, issue #46

This week we introduce authors from our own Mobile People community! Hope to see more articles soon!

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