No holidays for App Store reviews in 2023, but reviews could take longer time

Apple announces that App Store review team will work through holidays, but review time might be increased.

The busiest season on the App Store is almost here! Make sure your apps and games are up to date and ready in advance of the upcoming holidays. We’ll remain open throughout the season and look forward to accepting your submissions. On average, 90% of submissions are reviewed in less than 24 hours. However, reviews may take a bit longer to complete from December 22 to 27.

Apple Developer

Apple Developer: Get your apps ready for the holidays

Apple Watch sales break the record in Q3

Counterpoint shares the report highlighting Q3 sales numbers for Apple Watch. Another take from the report is that Huawei is gaining Samsung's share in wearables segment.

Apple delivered its best-ever Q3 performance, with a 7% YoY increase in shipments. This achievement is particularly noteworthy given that the latest Apple Watch, a key product in their lineup, was released slightly later than the previous year. The strong shipments of the 2nd-generation SE model significantly contributed to the growth of the industry leader.


Reference: Apple Watch sees best ever Q3 numbers, as Huawei hurts Samsung

Bluetooth communications are still not safe in 2023

Multiple active exploits could affect iPhone use of Bluetooth.

Flipper Zero hacker tool could be used to trigger iPhone DDoS attack using Bluetooth signals by AirPods, HomeKit accessories, etc. These signals usually trigger popup on iPhone allowing to connect to headphones or perform other actions. Crafting these signals in a specific way could result in iOS restart.

Newly discovered BLUFFS attack could be used to impersonate devices and trigger disclosure of private information. It is not yet clear, if AirDrop is affected by this attack as it uses more than just Bluetooth to authenticate the device. However, it is still possible to hijack audio or other Bluetooth connection. Fix would require device manufacturers to modify security mechanisms of Bluetooth stack.


Alaska Airlines adopts Tap to Pay for in-flight purchases

Apple's Tap to Pay framework is getting support in many countries. Now one of the major US airlines adopts framework to process in-flight purchases.

Alaska Airlines is teaming with Stripe to provide support for purchases and uses Tap to Pay on iPhone to accept contactless payments.

Reference: Alaska Airlines adopts Tap to Pay on iPhone for in-flight purchases

Apple announces winners of App Store Awards 2023

Following announcement of award finalists Apple now publishes App Store Awards 2023 winners. Apple lists winners as apps and games of the year for its platforms.

Apple also mentions trend of the year.

Apps are a reflection of culture, and in 2023, generative AI captured users’ collective imagination with its evolution unfolding in real time. Apps started integrating AI throughout the year in a variety of ways. Although many features are still in their infancy, they gave users a chance to see, firsthand, the technology in action and come to their own conclusions about the benefits and risks. In addition to this year’s App Store Award winners, App Store Editors across the globe have highlighted a collection of generative AI apps that exemplify the Trend of the Year. Read more from App Store Editors.

Apple Newsroom

Apple Newsroom: Apple unveils App Store Award winners, the best apps and games of 2023

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Rumor claims Apple Vision Pro is expected to launch in March, next model expected in 2025

Bloomberg reports that Apple Vision Pro development is not yet done and headset is expected to ship no earlier than March 2024.

Another report claims that Apple is expected to ship 400k units in 2024 and up to 10 million by 2026. Next generation device is expected to be available in 2025 with reduced price.

Beware, these rumors are not fully verified and should not be considered as facts.


Apple extends free satellite connectivity by another year for iPhone 14 models

Apple announces that iPhone 14 will get another year of free SOS satellite connectivity feature. This extends free period for iPhone 14 models to three years. iPhone 15 models are not getting this extension at this time.

Apple Newsroom: Apple extends Emergency SOS via satellite for an additional free year