What new approach for beta provisioning could mean for developers

Apple introduced new beta distribution channel in recent iOS beta. Now beta could be installed on devices with developer Apple ID.

At the same time Apple is deprecating beta device profiles, which means that developers will have slightly less options to install OS beta.

There are couple of situations which developers could be in.

Using same Apple ID for personal and development purposes

In this case, installing beta might affect iCloud data associated with account. That might include photos, text, HomeKit and other Apple services.

This might result in data being inaccessible from previous OS releases or even destroyed, especially when installing early beta releases.

If using beta versions is needed, developers might need to have separate Apple IDs for their personal and development devices.

Using different Apple IDs

While this is recommended setup, it would still affect development pipelines, if developer decides to install later betas on personal devices.

Current workaround would be to use public beta releases which are currently available for non-developers.

Reference: Apple Moves to Prevent iPhone Users From Getting iOS 17 Developer Beta for Free

Weekend good reads for Android developers, issue #33 (19/2022)

It’s Friday and we have a new pack of articles to go over the weekend.

13 Things to know for Android developers at Google I/O!

A lot of news related to Android was presented during the Google I / O conference. The most important of them are:

  • Jetpack Compose 1.2 Beta with more advanced features such as LazyLayouts, built-in Window Insets, or nested scrolling
  • Live Edit, i.e. the ability to immediately preview views created with Jetpack Compose in Android Studio
  • Baseline Profiles accelerating application development by up to 30%
  • More tablet support - Along with this news, Google announced a new Pixel tablet, expected to be available next year
  • Jetpack Compose for Wear OS beta. Additionally, Google announced the release of the Pixel Watch in the fall of this year
  • Health Connect to access and share your health information with other applications
  • Google Play Index, i.e. verification by Google Play that the application uses the correct SDK based on various metrics
  • Android 13 Beta 2

I strongly recommend watching a dedicated playlist for
Android and Play at Google I/O 2022.

Using MotionLayout in Compose

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