CrossOver 23 brings support for EA and DirectX 12 games to Mac

CrossOver allows Mac (and Linux) users to run Windows applications. New update brings support for EA and DirectX 12 games. Update provides geometry shaders support.

Compared to Game Porting Toolkit, CrossOver provides better user experience so far, but it is also expected that both technologies will evolve and provide Mac users with more options to run games natively.

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Reference: CrossOver update brings EA and DirectX 12 game support to Mac

Game Porting Toolkit is evaluated by developers

Apple's Game Porting Toolkit is now being evaluated by developers and journalists. It turns out that even without any code changes some of the games could run pretty well on the Mac.

Some additional tweaking by game developers could help improving performance and minimize overhead caused by this translation layer. Essentially, Game Porting Toolkit is Wine patch that allows DirectX 12 commands translation into Metal.

Apple Developer: Apple technologies for game developers