Apple shares design resources for visionOS, updates Human Interface Guidelines

Apple updates Human Interface Guidelines with information on visionOS design principles. Design resources, including Figma design kits are available.

Apple Developer:

Figma: visionOS

Weekend good reads for Android developers, issue #30 (14/2022)

It’s Friday, it’s time for a new pack of articles to go over the weekend.

Android and Figma Typography and how to achieve 100% fidelity

Please read this article carefully if your app designs are created in Figma. Autor describes how Compose text rendering will soon match those designs exactly.

Documenting Kotlin Code for Android Using KDoc and Dokka

Article about how to use KDoc to document your Kotlin code and generate beautiful-looking documentation pages using Dokka.

Kotlin Flow Buffer is like A Fashion Adoption

Kotlin Flow provides 3 different ways to buffer values, they are Buffer, Conflate, CollectLatest. Although the idea behind each of them is similar, the principles of operation are different. This article illustrates these differences.

Stabilize, Modularize, Modernize: Scaling Slack’s Mobile Codebases

Project modularization is not the easiest task. It is good to watch how others do it and learn from their mistakes and successes. This article is a good source of information for us.

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