Weekend good reads for Android developers, issue #14 (50/2021)

As usual, we have some interesting reads for you for this weekend 🙂

Getting Started with Firebase Dynamic Links for Android

The author shows how to do a complete implementation of Firebase Dynamic Links in your app.

Testing Android Coroutines using `runTest`

In this post, Craig Russell describes the latest tooling to help test Android Coroutines, provided as part of the kotlinx.coroutines test library.

Kotlin Native. New Memory management Model

Anna Zharkova examines the new memory management model for Kotlin/Native coming in 1.6.0.

How to distribute your application with Firebase App Distribution

Juan Guillermo Gómez Torres explains the full workflow for using Firebase Distribution.

Results of the Kotlin Features Survey 2021

JetBrains published the result of the last Kotlin Survey and it is good to review it.

That’s all for today, now it is time to start the weekend!

New real-time performance alerts in Performance Monitoring

A new feature called performance alerts is now in beta. These new performance alerts will send you an email when for example your app start time exceeds a given threshold so you can investigate and fix the latency issue as soon as it appears. Performance alerts can be configured from the console and we can expect more types of them for other metrics soon.