Swift team publishes Foundation package preview

Foundation package provides Swift implementation of Foundation for all Swift platforms.

The following types are available in the preview package, with more to come later. Many types, including JSONEncoderCalendarTimeZone, and Locale are all-new Swift implementations. FormatStyle and ParseStyle available as open source for the first time.

  • FoundationEssentials
    • AttributedString
    • Data
    • Date
    • DateInterval
    • JSONEncoder
    • JSONDecoder
    • Predicate
    • String extensions
    • UUID
  • Internationalization
    • Calendar
    • TimeZone
    • Locale
    • DateComponents
    • FormatStyle
    • ParseStrategy

This is still a preview version, so use with caution!

GitHub: swift-foundation

Swift Blog: Foundation Package Preview Now Available

Swift team to make Foundation framework more open

Swift team announces future plans on Foundation framework.

Goal of the team now is use Swift across the framework, split it into simple separate packages and unify implementations to avoid and cross-platform issues.

This would result in more predictable app behavior, more cross-platform libraries and easier support of those.

Swift Blog: The Future of Foundation