Flutter 2.8 and Dart 2.15 released

News for flutter:

  • Flutter apps now more performant, use less memory and startups faster.
  • Performance testing are easier with new DartDevTools and profiling features
  • Casual game development with Flame v.1.0.0
  • It easier than ever to connect apps to back-end services(Firebase and Google Cloud)
  • Authentication with Firebase are much easier than before.
  • Major updates for flutter ecosystem(Like FlutterSVG, and etc)

News for Dart:

  • Fast concurrency with worker isolates
  • Constructor tear-offs
  • Improved enums in the dart:core library
  • Dart DevTools included in the Dart SDK
  • New pub features for package publishers
  • Compressed pointers (approximately 10% reduction of the Dart heap size)

What's new in flutter 2.8?

Announcing flutter 2.8

Announcing Dart 2.15